Summer Gardens


You know summer is at its peak when petunias are in full bloom and putting on their best show. They are so beautiful! Perennial gardens are the best when it comes to landscape planning for budget, but it’s always nice to add some splashes of vibrant color to the mix. From the Annuals, Petunias are by far my favorite to do just that! I add them to edges of side flower gardens by hostas and lilies or on the curb sides next to evergreen bushes.

Petunias are so generous and they thrive in sunny spots. This is great for Colorado since we get a lot of sun all year round but especially in the summer!

What’s your favorite color plant? Leave us a note in comments if you’d like to start a conversation.

Keep beautiful color plants around. They’re great for the spirit! They’re inviting and welcoming always.

Purple and red petunias
Color Plant Annuals in Garden Center

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