Budget friendly Renovations

Before ( top image ) and After ( below image)

This is an amazing before and after backyard home renovation project. Our customer has this A/C unit located on the side backyard since they bought the house. They moved into this house in 1999 and had tried to make many attempts of different backyard renovations but nothing had worked. The area went back to being a dumping ground for old bikes, old chairs, old fences and even a pet cage was kept in that area for a long time.

We proposed to give a mix purpose to the area while primarily proposing a water conservation project. They loved the idea and this is what we did.

The home owner and their dogs love golf so we installed Astro turf in the back behind the ac unit. The Mom loves perennial plants but didn’t want to do heavy maintenance on any plants, so we added a perennial garden with a combination of native tall grasses and a beautiful variegated honeysuckle bush. The Mom also loves spring flowers so we kept an area for planting daffodil bulbs, which will be coming in the spring. The Dad did not want to maintain grass so we added a rock path in the middle.

The overall area looks so clean and refreshing and we love to see how their side backyard landscaping turned into such a beautiful space!

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